Surfrider San Diego: A Climate Friendly Farm to Table Dinner

Through a dining experience, we look at the impacts our diet has in a changing climate and solutions we can apply.

the climate friendly dinner.

Dinner and Drinks

Our farm to table dinner is seated in the sweet citrus orchard of Edge of Urban Farm. A four course meal will be served with all ingredients carefully sourced from San Diego within a 25 mile, 100 mile, and California range.


And because no good shindig was ever dug without the libations of an adult beverage, we have some excellent choices from California crafters.

  • Award Winning Wine
  • Duckfoot Brewery
  • Misadventure & Co Vodka
  • Golden Coast Mead
  • Boochcraft

Ecology Theme

A short series of talks that illustrate the connection between coastal climate impact and food. With over 30 years of organic farming and consulting experience, Scott Murray (owner at Edge of Urban Farm) will help us draw the connection to local agriculture for a solution based discussion.

Live Music on the Farm

Ashley Mazanec is an environmental steward with folky tunes perfect for a farmy evening of food and ecology.

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We ride bicycles, take public transit, go to farmers markets, and lead climate action events. We share practical applications for reducing the carbon footprint, we put on fun events, support each other, and generally enjoy life. This is your invitation to get involved.