Climate Action in San Diego. Surfrider and S.T.O.P.

The Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation is a grassroots environmental non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.

S.T.O.P. Coastal Climate Impact

The mission of the S.T.O.P (Sea level rise, Temperature rise, Ocean acidification, Prevention and adaptation) committee is to STOP our coastal climate impact through climate action events and policies that promote a new norm of surfing/beach culture in San Diego that emphasizes climate-friendly transportation, plant-based diets, renewable energy use, and conscious consumption.

Our aim is to empower our coastal community to understand the connection between behavior and environment impact, to effectively convey the urgency of coastal climate change, and to facilitate aggressive behavior change in the domains of transportation, diet, energy, and consumption.

Join us every second Wednesday of the month!

Find S.T.O.P. events on the Surfrider calendar.