What's the connection?


Sea Level Rise is projected to increase  by at least one vertical foot in San Diego by 2035. This will result in 50-100 feet of beach loss and will be further exacerbated by high tides and more severe storms.

Temperature rise Ocean warming, due to increasing heat-trapping Co2 is causing coral bleaching and reef die-off, thus damaging reef breaks and marine life.

Ocean acidification is the decrease in the pH of the water caused by excess Co2 in the atmosphere, disrupting shell calcification and impacting the global ecosystem.

Food and the Ocean

The conventional food industry is one of the largest contributors to Co2 and other green house gas emissions. By taking a conscious look at the energy and food nexus, we have the opportunity to dramatically reduce our coastal climate impact by eating locally, seasonally, and mostly plant-based. Side bonus of personal health improvement.

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